The Japanese River Otter that grows your ponkan

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~ Shinjo-kun, mascot of Susaki traveling around in search for his extincted Japanese river otter friends, and Saki-chan, Shinjo river’s faerie, are apparently trying to harvest ponkan. ~








Slash slash

Saki-chan: "Shinjo-kun,







how are you doing with the fertilizer?"








Shinjo-kun: "Awesome! ☆"










Shinjo-kun: "I’m fine, just a little bit more and we’ll call it a day!"




















Saki-chan: "This year ponkan look gorgeous! They are all shiny."










Shinjo-kun: "We just have to let them mature in the warehouse...☆"












Shinjo-kun: "I’m going to drop them off then! ☆"



Saki-chan: "Roger!"
















~ That night ~






Shinjo-kun: "Tap tap tap

The most important in a website is its design, and of course... the sincerity...☆

Updating on a daily basis about the state of the ponkan.....

To show everyone...☆"
















Shinjo-kun: "Saki-chan! Did you already updated the blog for today!?"












We grow your ponkan! 2017







Saki-chan: "Of course!"







Shinjo-kun: "SO, just to say, Susaki’s ponkan are also delicious this year! ☆"








Shinjo-kun: "For all of you reading our blog: don’t hesitate to subscribe ☆"








Shinjo-kun: "Look at that shine....."









Shinjo-kun and Saki-chan:

“What? Are ponkan cultivated by a river otter and a faerie safe for consumption?"












Shinjo-kun and Saki-chan: "Rest assured!"












“Real humans actually grow the fruits!"

~ Another peaceful day in Susaki ~

To suscribe     Furusato Choice

To see how the ponkan are doing We grow your ponkan! 2017


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