[New corner] Let’s go to yoga! [Baahubali]

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Hey hey Saki-chan ☆
Let’s go to yoga! ☆






Let’s go let’s go!














And so, we went to the body care salon of Susaki, Kochi "Nekko to Sora".






Shinjo-kun: "Hellooo ☆"







Owner: "Wow! Shinjo-kun!"







Owner: "I was waiting for you!"







Shinjo-kun: "Eh?"







Shinjo-kun: "AAH!"







Shinjo-kun: "IT’S YOU!!!"





















Shinjo-kun: "BAAHUBALI!!!!!"













Owner: "No it’s not me!




I am the owner of this salon."







Owner: "Let’s begin the lesson."







Owner: "So let’s start by doing the pose of the standing tree. Stand still and become the tree."







Owner: "Join you hands in front of your chest"







Owner: "And raise one leg. If possible, keep it like that..."







Saki-chan: "Like that...?"







Saki-chan: "That pose, the finger placement is really difficult..."







Shinjo-kun: "Saki-chan,"







Shinjo-kun: "You’re doing it wrong!"







Shinjo-kun: "The most important with that pose... It’s not the fingers.....☆"













Shinjo-kun: "It’s the NECK!!!!!"














Owner: "No, actually both are really important!"







Owner: "Besides the yoga lessons I also offer essential oils, herb teas,"







Owner: "bodycare, and even aromatherapy."







Shinjo-kun: "AWESOOOME☆"








we are waiting for you
at "Nekko to Sora"!!!






If you stay at "Dobutsu sudomari BOOK" (check "Our favorite place number 7 "Let’s have fun at the guesthouse where you can stay with your pets!") and wish to try a body care session, the owner can come directly to you at "Dobutsu sudomari BOOK". Especially recommended for exhausted pilgrims that need relaxation during their trip. The call fee is 1000 jpy. For more details please contact us.

To contact us click on the link below:
Nekko to Sora Homepage
Nekko to Sora Facebook Page

~ Another peaceful day in Susaki ~












Hey hey ☆







Are you mad?






Now I’m mad!





~ Another peaceful day in Susaki ~







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