Let’s try the Emergency Supply Kit made in Kochi

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Do you Know "Heat Lime", the product that allows you get a warm meal even though you don’t have any access to heat?


In the event of a Nankai Trough Megathrust Earthquake, a 34.4 meter tsunami could hit Kochi’s shores.

It is therefore essential to be prepared to deal with natural disasters.






Wow, everything is shaking!











First of all, it is important to have the kit at your fingertips, and to know how it works should anything happen, so as not to be left without any idea on how to use it.


How does it work again... ☆








Today, I am going to test with you an Emergency Supply Kit that allows you to heat food (auto-heating) without having to use gas, fire or electricity.

Heat lime uses lime as an exothermic reactor to heat up emergency food. This product was developed by the company Inoue Mitsuyoshi, which manufactures and sells lime, in the city of Nantoku, Kochi.














[Set of 4 heating packs] ...... (contents : 4 exothermic agent bags, 2 large warming bags, 2 small warming bags, 4 adhesive seals)
The exothermic agent is usually used to heat up canned foods or emergency rations... but I reaaally wanted to eat nabeyaki ramen...










So I’m going to use Heat Lime to try and prepare some nabeyaki ramen, a cheap but delicious Susaki’s specialty.



Ok, so first I have to open the bag and grab the exothermic agent.






That white thing, it’s the exothermic agent.











Then I need to fill the bag with water up to the line,












and pour it on the exothermic agent into the plate.











After that, I just have to put the ramen and other ingredients into a bag,













place the bag in the plate with the exothermic agent, and cover with the lid.



Shinjo-kun: "It is better to leave a small opening in the bag so it won’t explode"












... wait 20 minutes...



























Ok I think we’re good! Let’s open the lid...














WOW! The noodles are steaming hot!














I just have to open the bag and pour the ramen in the plate...














It looks sooo yummy!
But... something is missing...













Oh! I almost forgot the egg to make a perfect nabeyaki ramen!






























Nooooo! The yolk broke... OK, don’t care, it’s fine!










A hot meal even in case of emergency ☆

Shinjo-kun: "I made ramen without using fire!"








"Kochi, prefecture of the disasters prevention", its institutions, its inhabitants but also its companies, all work together on methods of prevention and minimization of the damages that could cause a Nankai Through Megathrust Earthquake.

Many Kochi companies use their strengths as assets to develop disaster prevention products.

The product I used today, "Heat Lime, an exothermic lime-based agent for warming up emergency rations", is developed by "Inoue Mitsuyoshi", a company based in Nantoku, Kochi.

The manager of the Heat Lime range, Mr Takeshi Inoue,


told:“I wanted to use local productsto show that Kochi will not lose, even with the threat of a Nankai Through Megathrust Earthquake."


The lime used for Heat Lime comes a 100% from Kochi!



Also, in comparison with other self-heating products, the heat released by the Heat Lime kit lasts longer,


does not emit CO2, and can be used as a lime-based fertilizer, which is super environmentally friendly!



Heat Lime has 3 advantages.

[Easy to use] You only need water to cause the exothermic reaction (no need for gas or fire!)

[Safe] No fire, so no fire hazard. The exothermic reaction phenomenon doesn’t release gas, just steam.

[Eco-friendly] It does not emit CO2, and can be reused as a lime fertilizer.



Technology and disaster prevention products "made in Kochi" are AWE-SOME!



During the great Hanshin Awaji earthquake, some people refused to eat bento boxes or onigiri. There were complaints such as "We can’t stand cold bento boxes anymore, we would like to eat something warm".

In the event of a disaster, a hot meal is a a real luxury.



What about you, readers? Why not try this Heat Lime kit?







~ Wishing that today, tomorrow, and so on...Kochi, other places and the Earth as well will be peaceful ~




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